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Australia Most Phished Nation: Experts

Australia Most Phished Nation: ExpertsA new Kaspersky Lab spam analysis has revealed that Australia share of global phishing attacks has doubled, making it the world’s most targeted country for cyber attacks.

August last saw global phishing activity increase by 62% with 32 million detections. 

The Kaspersky analysis of August figures shows that the number of anti-phishing component activations on Aussie computers accounted for nearly a quarter of the world’s phishing attacks. 

Australia’s latest ranking has pushed Brazil (19.5%) down to second position, followed by the UK (15.2%) and Canada (14.6%).  

Experts attributed this shocking growth in phishing attacks to the seasonal decline in the demand for advertising spam. 

Faking messages from well-known services, social networks or financial organisations are among the more ‘successful’ phishing attacks,  said Tatyana Shcherbakova, Kaspersky Lab analyst. 

Google is the most phished company, followed by Facebook and Yahoo! was attacked often enough to displace Windows Live as the top three orgs attacked by phishers, last month. 

The top three malware rankings were taken by Trojans, the top two – Redirector and Fraud – are HTML-pages followed by Upatre Trojan-Downloader. 

Malware in this family usually downloads a Trojan-Banker designed to attack financial institutions.

ebay has been under renewed pressure this week, following the uncovering of a series of fake product listings which ask for users details and bank account, by redirecting users to a fake site.   

Cybercrims also distribute malicious attachments in mail using fake Facebook notifications, indicating the site had been hacked. The faux ‘developers’ then ask users to install the attachment, but the ZIP archive attached contains the Haze Trojan-Downloader, then used by cybercriminals to download other malware, designed to steal personal data or send infected messages to all in the contact list.