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Keep Your Wine Safe With French Wine Cellars From Vintec

Keep Your Wine Safe With French Wine Cellars From Vintec Made in France, these energy-efficient Transtherm wine cellars are climate-controlled in order to recreate the right conditions you would find in a natural underground cellar. 

They eliminate temperature variations which denature your wines, maintain humidity levels above 50 per cent so the integrity of corks can be maintained and protect your bottles from damaging UV light.

Developed in collaboration with French oenologists and sommeliers, the new ‘Prestige’ range has been designed to meet the requirements expressed by wine industry professionals, as well as wine connoisseurs.

The new Transtherm ‘Prestige’ range has some technological and design advancements compared to the previous range, including the fact they are more energy-efficient, with up to 67 per cent less power usage. This is achieved with the help of a thicker and stronger ‘A+ body’ equipped with an inner alloy finish for better cold diffusion.

They also feature the new ‘Easy-Glide’ shelf design which maximises space to accommodate different bottle shapes such as Sauvignon-Bordeaux, Pinot/Burgundy, Sparkling/Champagne etc.

Optional adjustable storage shelves which can accommodate large formats including magnum, double,imperial and original wooden cases.

Marketing manager for Vintec Australi, Thomas Benhamou, says: “A Transtherm cellar from the new ‘Prestige’ range represents the ultimate storage facility for sommeliers and wine collectors to protect their investment.” For the more budget-conscious wine lovers, the Transtherm ‘Elegance’ solid door models remain available nationwide.

Whether for long-term wine cellaring, storing wines at drinking temperatures, or a combination of both functions (now possible with the new Transtherm 3-zone ‘Castel’ model), the Transtherm range offers a collection of professional wine storage solutions for sommeliers and wine connoisseurs alike.