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Apple Cars Coming, Sez Woz

Apple Cars Coming, Sez Woz “If you look at a company the size of Apple . for Apple to think about doing things that are progressive for the company moving forward, it has to be something pretty large in terms of the amount that is spent on that category,” Wozniak told the audience at an Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association conference in Melbourne. 

“That’s why I tend to believe all the rumours about Apple working on either electric or self-driving cars . because there’s a lot of money in vehicles. It’s trillions of dollars,” he said.

Wozniak suggested that venture capitalists should pump money into technologies which would support the self-driving car revolution.  “It’s such a huge market when you consider the cost of roads, the cost of cars, the costs of the lasered traffic. Insurance will be a different issue, accidents will go way down,” he said.