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Toshiba Takes On Ashton Kutcher With Their Own Artist Stunt

Toshiba Takes On Ashton Kutcher With Their Own Artist Stunt

Now it’s Toshiba’s turn using marketing dollars from Microsoft and Intel two Companies who are both  desperate to inject life into the falling PC to try and get a sales lift using a Toshiba Ultrabook that they claim delivers 17 hours battery life. 

I am yet to own a Toshiba notebook that delivers 17 hours battery life. I have their top of the range Kirra and the maximum I can get is nine hours but despite this the Japanese brand is now trying to flog the long life benefits of their latest notebook offering. 

Recently the new top end Toshiba L40W Radius Notebook was panned by the Australian because of poor design and poor battery life. 

The new Toshiba campaign, ‘Made in 17 hours’, follows Japanese artist ‘Matzu’ using the new Toshiba Port?g? Z20.

Matzu began the stunt when he unplugged the power lead of the Toshiba notebook in Tokyo on route to Sydney. 

Matsuyama said: “The reason I took on this project was because it was pretty much impossible… It can take 2-3 months, or up to a year to complete one work.”

A camera crew followed Matsuyama as he created works for the opening of the ‘Made in 17 Hours’ exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, in Sydney last month.

Mariana Thomas, head of marketing and communications, Toshiba Australia: “The ‘Made in 17 Hours’ campaign sums up everything a brand is looking for in a campaign. A lot of hard work went in to this project and it’s all been well worth it”.

The Made in 17 hours promotion video on YouTube only attracted 156,000 views Vs over 5,000,000 for the Ashton Kutcher video shot at a JB Hi Fi store. The Kutcher video was also syndicated to the Kutcher Twitter stream and to Kutchers Facebook likes.