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EXCLUSIVE: Netflix Snapping Up Local Content Big New OZ Shot Drama Series In The Pipeline

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix Snapping Up Local Content Big New OZ Shot Drama Series In The Pipeline

Netflix who has 50 million subscribers globally have negotiated the rights to content from organisations such as Screentime Australia the makers of the Underbelly series and FreemantleMedia along with several other Australian production Companies. 

According to Bob Cambell the Managing Director of Screentime, Netflix has already acquired the rights to several TV series produced by Screentime and are now negotiating to produce a major TV series in Australia. 

“We are in negotiations with Netflix and I believe that they will deliver a big boost to Australian production Companies” he said.

The CEO of another major production Company who is also in negotiations with Netflix said “We could shortly see a situation where a TV series created in Australia has a global audience of tens of millions as opposed to the small audiences that Australian TV networks attract”. 

They added “If Australian produced drama series take off with Netflix, Foxtel and Australian TV networks could face some serious problems with the best drama series being snapped up by Netflix for global release and via their Australian service”.

Netflix who plan to launch in Australia in March with Netflix insiders confirming that tens of thousands of Australians have already registered for the service which is tipped to be around $12.95 a month Vs Foxtel’s $25 a month basic service and up to $134 a month premium service. 

In the US and Europe Netflix subscriptions are growing with consumers watching more Netflix content than ever before. 

The number of the streamer’s U.S. subs who have watched Netflix originals like “Orange Is the New Black” rose markedly over the six-month span between Q1 and Q3 this year, according to a new study by research and consulting firm Centris Marketing Science.

 In the third quarter of 2014, 72% of 36 million US subscribers said they have watched at least some Netflix original programming, up from 57% in the first quarter of the year, Centris found.

This has been attributed to the roll out of several new shows many of which will be released in Australia in March. 
They include the adult-themed animated series “BoJack Horseman,” the final season of “The Killing” and season two of “OITNB” — along with documentaries including “E-Team” and “Print the Legend.”

This year Netflix attracted 31 Primetime Emmy nominations, Australian production Companies that we have spoken to claim that Netflix are looking for a “knockout script” and that they will spend millions on the shooting of a series in Australia. 

The report shows that the majority of Netflix users are prepared to sample a new drama series. 57% agreed that original content was “extremely important,” “quite important,” or “moderately important” to their decision to invest in a Netflix subscription. 

A survey conducted by SmartHouse of over 250 subscribers to Foxtel revealed that 62% said that they would sign up to Netflix. 

One of the main attractions was that the service was set to be advertising free and the low cost of the subscription.

45% said that they would trial the service for between one and three months before terminating their current Foxtel service. 75% of the consumers taking part in the service subscribed to Foxtel’s Premium package. 
70% said that they would consider a mix of Foxtel (sporting) and Netflix content.

According to Centris research, Netflix original content appeals to a sub 35 audience.

76% of subscribers aged 18-34 tuned in to new content this quarter (versus 61% in Q1). 

Viewing of original Netflix content was up across all age groups: 71% for subscribers 35-44; 64% for those 45-54; and 60% for the 55-plus. 

New originals in Netflix’s pipeline include epic adventure series “Marco Polo,” about the 13th century explorer, set to debut in the USA on Dec. 12. 

Next year, Netflix will launch the third seasons of “House of Cards” and “OITNB,” thriller “Bloodline” (from the creators of “Damages”) and comedy “Grace and Frankie,” starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

Last week, Netflix ordered a fourth season of crime drama “Longmire” and two seasons of comedy “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” from Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, originally slated for US network NBC. 

The Company is also investing in a new movies “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Green Legend,” slated to debut in Aug. 28, 2015 in the USA and later in Australia.