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Google + Samsung Set To Go Head To Head In SmartHouse Market

Google + Samsung Set To Go Head To Head In SmartHouse Market

With CES 2015 set to be all about the Internet of Things (IoT) and devices that can easily be attached to a network Companies such as Samsung who earlier this year acquired US Company SmartThings and Google are set to go head to head in a market that is still in its infancy claim analysts.  

Revolv is a company that focuses on connecting IoT devices through its central Smart Home Solution hub. The hub works with Android and iOS devices to control various things like light bulbs and speakers from companies like Belkin, Philips, Insteon and Sonos. Users could mix manufacturers and protocols due to the seven radios within the device, customizing device actions in four different ways.

Addressing privacy, the company added that any data would remain subject to the privacy policy already laid out. However, it’s said that the collected data will be treated like Nest’s data, in which it’s kept separately from Google.

The team behind Revolv will continue working on home automation. In the announcement it is said that they will “create some amazing products and continue to unify the connected home as a part of the Works with Nest program.”

The Works with Nest program recently added several companies, expanding the communications between the flagship thermostat and other automated products. The biggest add was Pebble, giving users the ability to change temperature or set home or away states from the smartwatch. 

Rachio, SNUPI Technologies and Ivee were all added for their various devices and sensors. Support for the Life360 app was added to help save on energy.