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Music’s In The House With Panasonic’s New Speakers


Called the ALL series of speakers, they use Qualcomm’s AllPlay media platform and three different systems in the range are priced from $279 up to $479. The new models include the SC-ALL8GN-K ($479)and SC-

ALL3GN-K ($379)Wireless Speaker Systems and the SH-ALL1CGN-K Network Audio Connector ($279). 
The systems have two different modes so in the ‘Party Mode’ setting, everyone can join in the party and listen to the same song no matter what room they are in, while the ‘Multi Zone’ setting you to select 

different songs for different connected speakers, regardless of the room. 

Control of the system is possible directly from the app of an Internet radio or a music subscription service. Users have the full functionality of the streaming application – for example, with Spotify you 

can see album covers and enjoy the suggested music selections. 

After listening to music from your smartphone while away from home, you can conveniently switch to other compatible speakers right from the screen when you return home, without changing the app. 

By using the Panasonic Music Streaming App for mobile devices, different music – for example, songs from music subscription services, Internet radio, songs stored on a smartphone, or songs archived on a PC – 

can be easily played to different speakers by accessing the ‘Multi Zone’ function.
Panasonic’s product marketing manager AV, Chasnyn Ousmand, said: “Listening habits have changed and music no longer has to come from a physical source like a CD but can come from a variety of digital 

sources, one example of which would be streaming. Our systems have evolved with these changes”. 

“We’ve created a flexible system that allows the same music to be enjoyed by all through a number of different speakers in different rooms. Alternatively, it allows different music to be selected and played 

from each speaker. On top of delivering a powerful, high quality sound our Multi-Room Hi-Fi System is easy to setup and operate.”

While the SC-ALL8 is wall-mountable, the SC-ALL3 and SC-ALL1C both have a two-way layout design, meaning each can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, allowing both to be placed anywhere in the 


The Panasonic SC-ALL8 and SC-ALL3 Wireless Speaker Systems are both equipped with a range of sound-enhancing technologies. For example, the second generation LincsD-Amp applies noise-shaping technology to 

reproduce a highly stable clock, reducing jitter to a frequency range that is below the level audible to the human ear. 

XBS Master amplifies low-frequency sounds to achieve robust bass. Multi Band Gain Control eliminates unnatural sounds which are generated during the process of controlling distortion. H.BASS adds harmonics, 

enabling the reproduction of bass sounds of 80 Hz or less, previously difficult to reproduce with this class of speaker.
With the connection of the Panasonic SH-ALL1C, an existing speaker system can be upgraded to form a multi-room configuration. In addition, a High Class 192-kHz/24-bit Digital-to-Analogue-Converter (DAC) is 

used to suppress sound quality degradation in the wireless signal from a smartphone, resulting in high-quality audio signals being transmitted to the speaker system. 
The Panasonic SC-ALL8 incorporates a five-speaker system with a Nano Bamboo Double Layer for the woofer and tweeter, while the SC-ALL3 incorporates a four-speaker system. Bamboo provides a light, yet rigid 

material, and with a double-layer structure, produce clear sounds throughout the mid-to-high-frequency range. This keeps vocals clearer so they are not buried within instrument sounds, while at the same time 

reproducing low-frequency sounds, such as drum and bass, with crisp clarity. The formed Mica 4-3/4inch (12cm) Subwoofer in the SC-ALL8 resolves unbalanced drive unit problems that can cause distortion in 

subwoofer sounds. 

The SC-ALL8GN-K retails for $479, the SC-ALL3GN-K retails for $379 and the SH-ALL1CGN-K retails for $279. For more information go to www.panasonic.com.au