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RTI Releases eGauge Two-Way Driver

RTI Releases eGauge Two-Way Driver

Developed by RTI, the driver allows installers to integrate the eGauge 3 Series and eGauge2 electric energy meters into an RTI control system, giving customers real-time measurements of a building’s electrical consumption.

The new driver allows customers to use eGauge solutions to monitor power and energy readings such as amperage, voltage, wattage, and frequency from up to 128 circuits – directly from their RTI devices. The monitoring capability extends to the power generated by devices such as wind turbines and solar panels. 

The real-time reporting provides customers with the information they need to optimise a building’s carbon footprint – lowering peak demands, monitoring system health, and even measuring the output of individual appliances. Compatible with eGauge 3 Series main units via Ethernet or HomePlug AV in addition to the company’s eGauge2 products, the solution features the ability to store and access data from the past 30 years, in addition to the real-time information. 

“The integration of eGauge power monitoring directly on RTI interfaces provides the user with incredibly robust energy consumption information instantly,” said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing, RTI. 

“The result is a wide range of benefits to our dealers and their clients, enabling more energy-efficient installations and lowering energy costs. We are extremely proud of this new innovation and the valuable information it can provide,” he added.

“The RTI driver is a powerful bridge between two incredibly intuitive solutions,” said Greg Greenan, vice president, eGauge Systems. “Users can now visually track their energy usage anywhere, anytime, allowing them to minimize peak demands, lower power consumption costs, and monitor system health down to individual appliances on a single screen. As users in both residential and commercial installations seek to maximise the sustainability of their setups, this new tool opens up key control capabilities.” 

The RTI eGauge two-way driver is available at RTI’s website at www.rticorp.com