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LGs Air Conditioners Help You Keep Your Cool

LGs Air Conditioners Help You Keep Your Cool

LG’s new split system air conditioners have some innovative features such as Active Energy Control, WiFi Smart Control and Standby Mode that will help to manage your energy expenditure.

According to an August 2014 survey by Choice, 52 per cent of Australians polled were concerned over the cost of their electricity bill. LG took note and has designed its air conditioners to give Australians more ways to take control of their energy consumption.

As Lambro Skropidis, general manager marketing for LG Australia said: “We’re aware that the cost of energy is top of mind for Australian consumers. That’s why our new premium air conditioners offer a number of options for Australians to take control of their energy usage and stay cool during the warmer months.”

So how do these new air conditioners keep your power bills down? One feature is called Active Energy Control it offers three levels of power reduction for individual energy-saving needs. Depending on how many people are in the room and what you’re doing, this allows you to cap the energy consumption of your air conditioner to improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption at a reduced cooling output. 

You simply hit the Active Energy Control button on your remote control to limit electricity consumption to 80 per cent of the rated input if you have a few friends over for a post-work tipple, 60 per cent if you’re enjoying a film with a special someone or 40 per cent if you’re hanging solo for the evening.

WiFi Smart Control: (Premium Series Only) 
In the past, you had two choices – either keep your AC cranking all day, or just deal with coming back to a stinking hot house. But with this handy new app for your smartphone, you can now control your home’s AC remotely. Just set the air conditioner to your ideal temperature on the way home from work or after a long, hot day at the beach and your home will be nice and cool as soon as you arrive.

Likewise, if you accidentally leave the AC on, you can turn it off with this app. As well, the app provides you with real-time energy usage information, alerting you when your electricity consumption is 

about to reach your pre-set limit. (To do this the WLAN Module is required and this is included with W Series models only).  

Another feature is the air conditioners’ Standby Mode. The fact is more than 10 per cent of residential power consumption is wasted on stand-by power (take a look at this report) so LG’s Standby Mode uses minimal power, achieved by removing power from the outdoor unit and only powering the indoor unit remote control circuitry.  

In addition to helping you save energy, LG air conditioners use several filtration systems to protect you from harmful household particles. The Micro Dust Filter powered by 3M Tech uses electrostatic charges to capture microscopic particles, including allergens such as pollen and dust. The Plasmaster Ioniser Plus generates over three million ions to sterilise and deodorise, providing protection against allergens 

and bacteria. Lastly, with Plasmaster  Autocleaning, the interior of the air conditioner is maintained by drying off the heat exchanger, and then acts to sterilise the interior once more with Plasmaster ions to help to minimise unwanted mould and odours. These functions help to keep your household air cleaner whilst also keeping you cool. 

Need to get cool quickly? LG’s Jet Cool feature sets the temperature to 18?C and the indoor fan speed to maximum for 30 minutes in order to maximise cooling output. You’ll cool down in no time, and then you simply revert to your normal temperature setting. 

LG offers a gamut of air conditioners for different consumer needs and room sizes. LG’s Classic (S) air conditioners include Active Energy Control and Jet Cool, and the Premium (P& W) ranges also include Wi-Fi Smart Control, the Micro Dust Filter powered by 3M Tech and the Plasmaster  Ioniser. 

The Classic (S) series can be purchased at consumer electronics Stores, while the Premium (P) Series may be purchased from specialist retailers. Premium W models, which include the WLAN Module, can be purchased exclusively at Harvey Norman. With the P series, the WLAN module can be purchased separately from dealers.