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Mitsubishi Launch Colourful French Door Fridge

Mitsubishi Launch Colourful French Door FridgeMitsubishi states the L4 Mini – which includes all of the features of the larger 710 litre L4 Grande model, including inverter technology for energy efficiency and an 800 mm internal width – is designed for kitchens with a reduced height, fitting into a cavity with overhead cupboards.

Among the L4 Mini’s features, VitaLED slows the wilting process, maintaining vitamin and anti-oxidant for longer, while the Neuro Fuzzy system can memorise household usage patterns and automatically operates the most optimal conditions.

“Many customers have told us that they love the features of our French door L4 Grande model,” Raja

Gounder, Mitsubishi Electric Australia general manager, commented.

“We’ve worked to design all those features into a shorter refrigerator to make those features accessible to those that have limited height available in the kitchen, specifically for those who have overhead cupboards.”

The L4 Mini is available in pearl white, stainless steel or diamond black.

The 406 litre bottom mount refrigerator, meanwhile, sports an upside-down design, placing the vegetable and freezer drawers at the bottom of the fridge. It features a three-way flexible shelf system, allowing users to flip the lower shelf back, creating higher space to store bulky items, and a non-plumbed automatic ice maker with easy-clean components.

“The 406 upside models in white and stainless steel were well received by our customers, who loved the convenient features,” Gounder commented.

“In recent years, we’ve seen bold colour statements start to become part of the kitchen space. One area where we can help customers remain true to their bold designs is by providing them with one of our popular models in red and onyx black as well, so they have a greater choice and can create their own unique kitchen space.”