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Music In Every Room: Panasonic Introduces ALL Series

Music In Every Room: Panasonic Introduces ALL Series The SC-ALL8 and SC-ALL3 wireless speaker systems, and the SH-ALL1C network audio connector, can be set up for multi-room configuration based on an already existing home Wi-Fi network and operated via an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Two different modes, “Party Mode” and “Multi-Zone”, allow sharing of the same music throughout the house or the streaming of different music to each speaker location, with operation possible directly via music streaming apps such as Spotify.

Panasonic’s Music Streaming App provides for multi-zone functionality, streaming songs from different sources, such as music subscription services, internet radio, songs stored on a smartphone or PC, to different speakers.

The SC-ALL8 incorporates a five-speaker system with a Nano Bamboo Double Layer for the woofer and tweeter, while the SC-ALL3 incorporates a four-speaker system.

Panasonic states the Nano Bamboo Double Layer “provides a light-yet-rigid material, and with a double-layer structure helps to produce clear, dynamic sounds throughout the mid-to-high-frequency range”, keeping vocals clear and transparent, not buried within instrument sounds, while at the same time reproducing low-frequency sounds such as drum and bass.

The SC-ALL8’s Mica 4-3/4″ subwoofer resolves “unbalanced drive unit problems that can cause distortion in subwoofer sounds”.

The SC-ALL8 and SC-ALL3 both incorporate a second generation LincsD-Amp, which Panasonic states reduces jitter to a frequency range below the level audible to the human ear.

XBS Master amplifies low-frequency sounds to achieve robust bass, Multi-Band Gain Control eliminates unnatural sounds generated during the process of controlling distortion, and H.BASS adds harmonics, enabling the reproduction of bass sounds of 80 Hz or less.

The SH-ALL1C, meanwhile, allows for an existing speaker system to “be easily upgraded to form a multi-room configuration”.

A high-class 192 kHz/24-bit digital-to-analogue converter is used to suppress sound quality degradation in the wireless signal from a smartphone, resulting in “high-quality audio signals being transmitted to the speaker system, ensuring perfect clarity every time”.

The SC-ALL8 is wall-mountable, while the SC-ALL3 and SC-ALL1C both have a two-way layout design, allowing either vertical or horizontal positioning.

Chasnyn Ousmand, Panasonic Australia product marketing manager, AV, stated the systems have been designed with changing listening habits in mind.

“We’ve created a flexible system that allows the same music to be enjoyed by all through a number of different speakers in different rooms,” Ousmand stated. “Alternatively, it allows different music to be selected and played from each speaker.

“On top of delivering a powerful, high-quality sound, our multi-room hi-fi system is easy to set up and operate.”

The SC-ALL8 carries a price tag of $479 RRP, the SC-ALL3 $379 RRP, and the SH-ALL1C $279 RRP.