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Synergy Snares Origin Acoustics For New Custom Install Division

Synergy Snares Origin Acoustics For New Custom Install Division

Phil Sawyer CEO of Synergy Custom said that the new division had been created to focus exclusively on the CI market where he believes there is “tremendous growth potential” off the back of the boom in hosing sales. 

Among the new brands set to be offered by Synergy is Origin Acoustics which is a US company that Sawyer claims is now producing “The most advanced and impressive array of architectural loudspeakers ever made. He said that Origin Acoustics has “redefined the standard for performance and design in the CI market”. 

Heading the new division will be Scott Stidston who joins Synergy from Total Q.

Sawyer said that Scott’s understanding and knowledge of custom installation is second to none.

 During his career he has worked at Rega Research in the UK a brand that is distributed by Synergy Audio Visual he has also worked at Redline one of the leading CI Companies in the UK. 

It was only 12 months ago that loudspeaker manufacturer Origin Acoustics jumped into the custom integration market. A key element was the return of Jeremy Burkhard one of the CI’s most recognisable figures. Previously the creative brain behind the popular SpeakerCraft brand, Burkhardt “retired” in 2012 only to return to the scene with Origin Acoustics. 

During a recent interview Burkhard said “When I started in the industry Ken Humphries, Ed Haase partners at SpeakerCraft and now Origin Acoustics had just invented the first in-wall speaker, and we had no idea that the acceptance would be tens of millions of speaker sold across our 30-year careers. 

Burkhard “retired” from SpeakerCraft in 2012 he recently said “When I decided to “retire” from SpeakerCraft after 20-plus years it was the best decision I had ever made.  When you’re a relentless entrepreneur you always want to spend aggressively on new products and technologies. I did all I could to advance the industry in the corporate structure I had committed to work within when I sold SpeakerCraft. The circumstances actually were not stressful as some people reported”.

“I choose to leave and tried to chill out on the beach. After six months I got restless and began searching to buy a new company. I was deep in the acquisition mode when Ed Haase SpeakerCraft’s past CEO contacted me and we began discussing what we could do to change the industry again. We contacted Ken Humphries SpeakerCraft’s first CEO and Head Engineer and the three of us spent a few weeks discussing “what if scenarios”. We sat three of the finest competitive speakers on the table and started identifying problems.  We identified four problems with architectural speakers. The end solution was Origin Acoustics”.