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A ‘Game Changer’: LG 4K Ultra HD OLED Bound For Australia

A “Set to ignite the Australian TV landscape”, the 65-inch EC970T will be available in November at selected outlets, while the 77-inch EG970T will be available at selected outlets before the end of the year.

Featuring a curved design, the EC970T carries a price tag of $9,999 RRP, while the EG970T will set consumers back a cool $22,999 RRP.

LG states the combination of 4K Ultra HD TV and OLED provides for “a game changing home entertainment experience and a truly exquisite piece of viewing technology”.

“In cross-pollinating the eye-boggling clarity of 4K Ultra HD with the infinite contrast ratio and dazzling colour of OLED, LG really have combined the best of both worlds to produce an outstanding visual experience,” LG stated.

Meanwhile, LG’s Ultra Surround sound system is designed to create a rich, detailed environment, providing a heightened sense of immersion for the viewer.

“By combining 4K Ultra HD with OLED, LG really is offering some of the most advanced TV technology in the world to Australian audiences,” Lambro Skropidis, LG Australia general manager marketing, commented.

“We are confident that the sheer visual experience it offers will become the new benchmark for TV buffs, sports fans and movie-lovers alike.

“We also anticipate real appreciation amongst home designers and those that want their TV to be a piece of art – after all, this product is about stunning picture quality as well as the aesthetic lines of its construction.”

LG has also launched its first curved 4K Ultra HD TV (UC970T), which will be available in 55-inch and 65-inch models, retailing at $3,599 RRP and $5,499 RRP, respectively.

The models are now available at Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys and other selected outlets, while a 79-inch (UG880T) model is set to launch in December, carrying a price tag of $10,999 RRP.

LG states the new models are designed with both looks and functionality in mind, striking “a sublime balance between design aesthetic and brilliant picture clarity”.

An 8.3 million pixel display delivers content “in hyper-real clarity”, while the IPS display “expresses dazzlingly true to life colours”.

“This latest addition to our range of advanced smart TVs hits a number of marks,” Skropidis commented.

“Like its OLED brethren, it also boasts a particularly beautiful curved design.

“This really is a TV for people who value a modern home entertainment experience and who love sharing their living space with an object of undeniable beauty. In that sense, the UC970T really is the best of both worlds.”

At a lower price-point, LG states its 55-inch curved OLED TV (55EC930T), carrying a price tag of $3,999 RRP, is putting OLED technology “within reach of more Australians”.

The 55EC930T is available at Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, and other selected outlets.

The 55EC930T is 4.5 mm at its thinnest point, with LG stating a “gentle curve not only helps to create a level of viewer immersion but also makes it stunningly stylish”.

“LG is taking this premium technology and opening it up to the average Australian,” Skropidis commented.

“LG’s improved manufacturing efficiencies now allow us to sell OLED TVs – previously considered a ‘future’ technology – today.

“Not only is the price-point lower than a year ago, making it more affordable, I can tell you that LG’s OLED TVs have picture quality and design benefits that simply elevate the home entertainment experience to whole new levels.”