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Invigor Looks To Bring Big Data To Retailers

Invigor Looks To Bring Big Data To RetailersInvigor today announced a binding term sheet has been signed between the relevant parties, with the $1.8 million acquisition to comprise $250,000 payable in cash and the rest in Invigor shares (19.375 million at 8 cents per share).

Gary Cohen, Invigor executive chairman, stated big data information developed through Amethon’s streaming analytical platform will be real-time and location-based.

Cohen noted it will be able to tell retailers and businesses what apps potential customers are using, and where and when and what they are interested in purchasing in real-time, allowing them to “instantly capture part of the market – all within half an hour of receiving the consumer ‘fingerprint’ information”.

“This specific real-time market analysis will mean that high street stores, such as Harvey Norman, Myer, David Jones, and even smaller shopping outlets, can be ahead of the game, not trying to keep up with shopping trends by having staff members at the door with iPads to push products,” he commented.

Cohen noted the increasing importance of big data to business.

“It has been called the third phase of industrialisation, making money through analysing information, without making things, and largely without people, to create value,” he commented.    

“Through our Amethon systems, we will be able to inform businesses across Australia, initially, specifically what a person is spending and where.”