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IFA: Technics Turntable Slated For 2016 Launch

IFA: Technics Turntable Slated For 2016 LaunchThe Technics direct drive analog turntable prototype equipped with a newly developed direct drive motor will be on display at IFA, with Panasonic stating that it is looking to a market launch in 2016.

The Technics brand was relaunched by Panasonic last year, with the addition of the upcoming turntable to its product line no doubt a welcome addition for lovers of vinyl.

In announcing the new turntable, Panasonic noted that demand for analog turntables “has been on the rise in recent years as music aficionados once again find the value in the sound of analog records, mainly in the North American, European and Japanese markets”.

In catering to this demand, the new Technics turntable brings some modern tech additions to vinyl.

In conventional analog turntables, Panasonic notes “sound quality degradation caused by tiny vibrations of the motor and rotational speed fluctuations has been a major challenge”.

“To overcome this challenge and assure smooth, highly stable rotation, Panasonic has developed a new direct drive motor and redesigned high-precision motor control technology,” Panasonic stated.

“This makes it possible to reproduce the warm sound and subtle nuances of musical expression engraved in the analog record grooves.”

September marks the beginning of the second year of the rebirth of the Technics brand and the 50th year since its birth, with Panasonic set to display a number of the Technics products at IFA.

Among the latest Technics products that will be on display are the SU-G30 Network Audio Amplifier, the Music Server ST-G30, the Ottava SC-C500 HiFi System and the EAH-T700 over-ear headphones.