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IFA: Panasonic Boosts 4K TV Range With OLED Offering

IFA: Panasonic Boosts 4K TV Range With OLED OfferingPanasonic is now looking to make its mark in OLED with the new 65″ TX-65CZ950, bringing together 4K and OLED.

In developing the TX-65CZ950, Panasonic has drawn on the talents of Hollywood experts, with colourist Mike Sowa having professionally tuned the TV’s picture performance. TheĀ  TX-65CZ950 is decked out with a specially modified 4K Studio Master processor, which Panasonic states takes its OLED screen “to a standard of performance never seen before”.

“Panasonic is proving their commitment to excellence by engineering their newest 4K Pro TV to satisfy my

professional standard of zero compromise,” Sowa states of the new OLED.

“My world of visual storytelling is based around colour accuracy and the need for a display that compliments the creative vision. Panasonic has engineered their newest 4K Pro OLED TV to a standard that I would only expect in professional displays.”

Panasonic states the TX-65CZ950, which also supports high dynamic range technology, is the first ever THX-certified 4K OLED.

– Nubo

Panasonic has also used IFA to announce the launch of its Nubo mobile monitoring cam – which employs 4G LTE, 3G or 2G mobile connectivity – into the consumer market.

The Nubo is designed to make monitoring possible in places that don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity, such as in a tent or on a moored boat.

Panasonic states the untethered Nubo provides “all the benefits of a mobile security camera, with the added advantage of 4G connectivity”.

Nubo is managed through a mobile app on an iOS or Android smartphone, connecting with the Panasonic cloud, allowing for the viewing of live streams from the camera or for users to receive alerts.

– Technics

Meanwhile, Panasonic has announced a number of additions to its Technics line, while also previewing its upcoming Technics turntable release.

Among the new Technics additions are the EAH-T700 over-ear headphones, the first headphones released since Technics’ relaunch in 2014.

The EAH-T700 headphones incorporate a two-way drive, ensuring “the widest range of sounds can be heard”, with a 50 mm dynamic driver providing high-resolution sound in the middle and low registers, while a 14 mm super tweeter focuses solely on high-pitched sounds.

Panasonic states that the result is 100 kHz wideband reproduction, delivering “both deep and robust bass right through to subtle and intricate trebles”.

Panasonic is also displaying the latest additions to its expanding Technics product line at IFA in the form of the SU-G30 Network Audio Amplifier, the Music Server ST-G30 and the Ottava SC-C500 HiFi System.