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Optus 2G Network Set For Shut Down In 2017

Optus 2G Network Set For Shut Down In 2017Optus advised the move to shut down the network, which launched in 1993, comes as consumers increasingly use more data, opting for 4G smartphones, with the shut down, in turn, to open up options to reallocate some of the spectrum.

“Greater smartphone usage and advances in 4G technology are driving customer preferences for more mobile data and faster speeds and there has been a steady decline in 2G traffic and customers in the last few years,” Dennis Wong, Optus Networks acting managing director, noted.

“2G now constitutes a fraction of our total mobile network traffic and is declining significantly year-on-year. Mobile service providers globally, including in Australia and our parent company Singtel in Singapore, are closing down 2G networks to support newer technologies.”

To continue to use the Optus mobile network, Optus states 2G customers should upgrade to newer 3G or 4G devices and plans upon shut down of the network in 2017, with Virgin Mobile and Optus Wholesale service providers using the network, including amaysim, to also be affected.

“Our priority is to prepare our customers for this change and ensure they have sufficient time to upgrade to newer devices,” Wong commented.

“Optus will provide affected customers with more details about options available to them closer to the closure of our 2G network in April 2017. For some customers this might be a simple SIM upgrade.”

Optus customers wishing to check which network their device uses can do so by looking for a 2G, GPRS, EDGE or E icon at the top of their mobile screen.

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