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Tamron SP 15-30 mm Lens To Land In Aussie Market From February

Tamron SP 15-30 mm Lens To Land In Aussie Market From FebruaryThe lens, which will be available for Canon and Nikon mounts, comes with VC (vibration compensation), XGM (expanded glass moulded aspherical) lens element, and eBAND (extended bandwidth and angular-dependency) coating.

Encompassing an optical construction of 18 elements in 13 groups, including an XGM element for the first time placed in the front group, the lens features several moulded-glass aspherical elements and low dispersion elements used throughout the optical system

Tamran states the construction ensures “aberrations such as geometrical distortion and lateral colour are efficiently corrected”, while vibration compensation allows shooting at slow shutter speeds and in low-light conditions, compensating for minor camera shake.

A combination of a BBAR (broadband anti-reflection) coating and the eBAND coating provides anti-reflection properties and minimises unwanted light reaching the sensor, while a fluorine coating has been applied to the front element, designed to repel water and dirt and make it easier to remove smudges.

Tamron states a USD (ultrasonic silent drive) delivers “high-torque, high-precision, and virtually silent autofocus action”, while a full-time manual focus mechanism “permits fine focus adjustments instantly without needing to exit AF mode”.

A lens hood provides shading of the front lens over the entire zoom range to minimise flare, designed to utilise the characteristics of the optical system in which the front lens group recedes when zooming in from 15 mm to 30 mm.

The lens also comes with SILKYPIX Developer Studio for Tamron RAW image processing software, customised for Tamron SP lenses.