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360 Degree Camera Battle As 360fly Cranks Out New Updates + Accessories

With Nikon about to enter the 360-degree camera market 360fly have moved to drop the price of their HD model to $499 while also announcing several new accessories and a major firmware update.

The new software updates include new recording and audio updates they also deliver the ability to leave 360fly in standby mode and by accelerometer, motion or sound detection, the camera will be automatically triggered to begin recording. This allows users to set and forget the camera, live in the moment, whilst never missing a second of the action claims 360fly.

According to JB Hi Fi executives the jury is still out on whether 360 degree cameras will replace the sales success that retailers achieved when the GoPro action camera was first launched.360fly (1)

A new 360fly ‘Watch Me’ function provides users with the power to create a standard 16:9 video from original 360-degree footage, video to share too non-360° compatible devices.

Users can also use the Watch Me tool to record activities as they pan left or right or tilt up and down to guide your viewers through the action being recorded. Wherever you swipe, shift and zoom while editing in this mode is cropped and saved as a shareable 16:9 video clip, creating a unique point of view developers claim.

The distributors of 360 fly RIISE have also launched a new range of accessories for the 360 fly camera that will be on sale at JB Hi Fi later this month.

A POV pole, tripod grip and protective cage provide a whole new point-of-view, added stability and make the 360fly action-ready no matter the terrain or environment the Company claims.

The floating handgrip and dive housing extend 360fly usage across more popular water sports, and allow for increased submersion.

“As more and more people adopt 360 degree cameras, 360fly continuously strives to surprise and delight its users with enhancements that allow just about anybody to take high-quality, 360-degree video, capturing just about any event in a way that is unique and highly immersive,” said Nick Segger, RIISE.

“The firmware updates and addition of five new accessories to the 360fly family is testament to 360fly’s commitment to providing Aussies with all the tools they need to create and share their experiences with friends and family in a unique way”, he added.Capture

“The goal is not just to capture the video but to then be the easiest to be able to share fully interactive videos or photos with the press of a button into Facebook and YouTube, or easily enjoy holiday highlights or life moments again on your phone in virtual reality”,

360fly firmware and software updates include:
• Triggered Recordings (Audio & Motion): ability to leave camera in standby mode, so recording is triggered by sudden movement or sound, rather than physically turning the camera on/off.
• Instant Facebook uploads: upload 360 photos directly from the 360fly app on your smartphone to FB.

• Chaptering: ability to edit footage automatically rather than recording as one big file. Chaptering will allow for faster processing and sharing of video footage, recordings will be split into 4 min chapters.
• Advanced App Control: Button will mirror the mode chosen in the App– (i.e.: POV in app, POV on button) – customers will need to know what mode they are in on the app
• Race Render App including GPS Sensor Data: supports 4k import of videos and allow overlays – free version and paid version http://racerender.com/TrackAddict/Features.html
• Additionally there are many interface and user experience improvements all designed to make 360fly the easiest to use camera on the market.

Other features that have been announced and that are coming soon include:

• Bluetooth Mic Connectivity: Audio overlay on footage being shot in the middle of the action.
• USB Webcam: Use the 360fly as a webcam to chat to family and friends in 360 degrees via apps such as Skype.
• WIFI Station Mode: connect your camera to a WIFI network and you can connect your app over the WIFI network instead of directly connecting to the camera via WIFI.

360fly Accessories:

POV Pole:
Put your 360fly in the perfect position to capture shots. Perfect for sports, concerts and any other situation where you want to get some distance between you and the camera.
• Extends up to 914mm
• Available October 2016
• RRP $69.95

Floating Handgrip:
With adjustable buoyancy, this multi-purpose grip lets you capture life in 360 on or in the water.
• Suitable for water sports and anywhere near water.
• Control buoyancy by adding or removing water
• Easily floats camera or goes neutrally buoyant
• Available October 2016
• RRP $39.95

Tripod Grip
Go from the freedom of capturing handheld shots to the stability of tripod shots in an instant!
• Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, skating and filming wildlife.
• Comfortable, rubber-injected grip-handle
• Magnetic tripod legs deploy and retract in a snap
• Available October 2016
• RRP $49.95

Protective Cage:
A stylish cover to provide additional protection for both the lens and body of your 360fly camera.
• Ideal for any and all rugged conditions
• Basket design to hold on protective lens cover while still retaining the facet shapes of the 360fly brand
• Replaceable lens covers that can be swapped out if damaged
• Still allows access to camera mount system
• Available October 2016
• RRP $79.95

Dive Housing:
Protective housing to allow your 360fly camera to go beyond the 1ATM limit of the camera alone.
• Protects your camera for up to 2 hours at a depth of 200 feet
• Anti-fogging measures built in
• Available October 2016
• RRP $99.95

Pricing and Availability:
The 360fly 4K & 360fly HD camera is available online at 360fly.com as well as at over 250 retailers nationally including all JB Hi Fi stores, DigiDIRECT, Boating Camping & Fishing and other specialty channels. To find out more visit www.360fly.com or the Store Locator

Users should receive a prompt to update 360fly to the latest firmware and/or software. If this does not occur, simply turn on the camera and follow the steps at the following link: https://support.360fly.com/hc/en-us/articles/219368048-Upgrade-the-software-on-your-360fly-4K

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