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Coles Launches Prepaid Mobile Offerings

Coles Launches Prepaid Mobile OfferingsIn launching the Coles Prepaid service, Coles joins an increasingly competitive market, with supermarket rival Woolworths having earlier in the year partnered with Telstra in launching its Woolworths Connect service.

The Coles plans will comprise its Coles Prepaid $10 for 10 Days plan and Coles Prepaid $10 Pay As You Go plan.

Under the $10 for 10 Days plan, customers will receive unlimited standard national talk and text and 400 MB on the Optus 4G Plus network for use within 10 days within Australia.

The $10 Pay As You Go plan has a 60-day expiry and includes standard national calls within Australia for 12 cents per minute, 12 cents per standard national text (per 160 characters) and MMS, and 12 cents per MB of data (charged in per KB increments).

“Our customers told us they’re looking for prepaid options to assist in managing tight budgets and they enjoy the simplicity and freedom of no commitments or contracts,” Coles general manager non-food Karin Zimmerman commented.

“We’re excited we can offer options on the Optus network for budget-conscious shoppers such as mums managing mobile plans for the whole family. With a plan that costs as little as a dollar a day, this is another way we can help our customers control their costs week-to-week.”

Michele Garra, Optus vice president, retail sales, stated the partnership “allows Optus to extend our prepaid mobile base to more people at a fantastic price point”.

Coles Prepaid will be available at all Coles supermarkets and Coles Express sites across Australia. Customers will also earn flybuys points with every Coles prepaid recharge purchased in store, and Coles can redeem flybuys points on Coles Prepaid products and recharge.

Further information can be found here.