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Panasonic AG-DVX200G 4K Camcorder Set To Land In Aussie Market

Panasonic AG-DVX200G 4K Camcorder Set To Land In Aussie MarketThe AG-DVX200G, which sports a woven carbon fibre-like finish with the recording section styled with crimson shading, is equipped with a large-format 4K imager along with a 4K video processing engine and a Leica Dicomar 4K 13x zoom lens.

It features 4K/60p recording and a V-Log L gamma curve (12 stops of latitude, target), with Panasonic stating it is optimised for 4K/HD production, sharing “the esteemed VariCam family characteristics of filmic tonality and colorimetry, with natural, subtle rendering of skin flesh tones, and a V-Log curve emulating the natural grey-scale rendition of the VariCam 35”.

“Delivering a shallow depth of field and a wide field of view, the DVX200 is the ideal companion camera to our groundbreaking VariCam 35 4K camera/recorder,” Mathew Alexander, Panasonic product marketing manager, broadcast, commented.

“With an integrated lens design, the DVX200 will excel in independent film and documentary production, as well as event videography.”

The AW-HEA10, which is able to control models such as the AW-HE40, AW-HE60 and AW-HE130 via an iPad app, allowing for full wireless control of the camera, itself comes with a built-in camera. It offers a panoramic view of any scene with a super-wide-angle, while its HDMI output can be used as an image analysing tool to control a main camera installed on top of it.

“When shooting with the primary HE40 or HE130 PTZ camera, a super-wide-angle video image is simultaneously captured by the HEA10 and displayed on the tablet screen,” Panasonic states of the AW-HEA10.

“Tapping the desired area of the image on the tablet allows the user to move the PTZ quickly and smoothly to capture the selected shot.”

Panasonic states operation of the camera “is thus significantly simplified and accelerated by allowing instant selection of a new shooting angle”, doing away with the need to manually zoom out and reposition the camera.

Panasonic will preview the products at this week’s SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) exhibition, running July 14-17 in Sydney.

The AW-HEA10 will carry a price tag of $1998 RRP and will be available from July, with pricing for the AG-DVX200G to be announced closer to its release date in October.