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24Bit Audio Set To Become The New Standard

Leading chip Company Qualcomm claims that new processors that deliver 24bit audio will become the new standard in “many” audio devices from this year onwards. 

The Company claims that everyone is familiar with HDTV and that high-resolution audio (HRA) is set to drive the next wave in audio devices that also includes smartphones.

Futuresource, a specialist sound industry research Company has also predicted that all home audio devices will be wireless by 2019.

Their State of Play Report found that 69 percent of people would listen to music more often if they could control it easily from a central location at home.

Products that deliver whole-home networked audio have been around for a while, but in 2016, new interoperable solutions are expected to be available. They’ll give users the ability to network any speaker, regardless of manufacturer, and connect them over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth channels.

They said that as for consumers on the go, “it’s no longer unusual to see people wearing wireless headphones and expecting to get the same sound quality from a mobile device as they do their home Hi Fi system”. 

In January 2016, Qualcomm added aptX HD to their product mix: This codec is designed to deliver superior-quality audio over Bluetooth by supporting 24-bit music quality. aptX HD is built on a legacy of use in the professional music sector for “better-than-CD” quality sound.

And when it comes to interconnectivity, Qualcomm claim that they are leading the way with AllPlay—our open, interoperable wireless networking platform.

With AllPlay, songs can be streamed from a range of music services or media players on a user’s iOS or Android device and connect to any AllPlay-compatible speaker.

The same music can play in each room for a party, or it can vary from room to room if, say, the kids want to listen to Justin Bieber—again.

Integrated Audio Chain

Researchers claim that consumers are today listening to audio through multiple connected devices, which delivers a seamless user experience across every component in the audio mix.

They said that from the smartphone to the speaker, sub-woofer, or soundbar, to whole-home networked audio, we’ll see the rise of a more integrated audio chain in 2016.

With technology that enhances every link in that chain, Qualcomm Technologies claims that they are addressing these challenges and that their mobile processors (including the premium Qualcomm Snapdragon 820) are engineered to provide best-in-class user experience on mobile phones.

Their audio codecs, including aptX, are designed to deliver superior quality sound over Bluetooth.

And with their AllPlay networked audio platform, people can stream their music to any room in their house.

“We’re forecasting that in 2016 and beyond, music fans will be able to enjoy their music seamlessly from any source, at the highest possible quality, on any device—virtually anywhere” their report claimed.

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