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1.8M Aussies Dissatisfied With Their Home Internet: Finder

As Optus and TPG both pay back tens of thousands of customers after they failed to reach the maximum net speeds outlines in their plans, Finder research has revealed 12 per cent of Australian broadband customers are dissatisfied with their broadband provider.

This amounts to 1.8 million people that aren’t happy with their speeds. In addition, 19 per cent of broadband customers don’t think they’re getting good value for money when it comes to their service.

54 per cent of Aussies have experienced an internet drop out in the past twelve months, with outages impacting an estimated 8.2 million people.

Despite this, just 10 per cent of Aussies have switched their plan in the past six months.

“Unreliable internet connections slow down productivity and ruin our downtime too,” Angus Kidman, utilities expert at Finder said.

“Every consumer deserves to get what they’re paying for. If you’re experiencing regular drop-outs, call your broadband provider immediately. If they’re not offering the minimum speeds promised on your plan, it’s time to downgrade or get out.

“Broadband is highly competitive, so if you’ve been on the same deal for a while, it’s always worth shopping around for a faster, better plan.”

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