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Sonos Introduces 5.4 Software Update

Sonos Introduces 5.4 Software UpdateAmong the updates introduced in Sonos 5.4 is an optimised bass performance for the Play:1 speaker when paired with Sonos’ Sub subwoofer, with Sonos stating it has also made “slight changes” to improve the clarity of the Play:1, so when the volume is turned up vocals “will sound even more natural”.

Improved shuffle and unshuffle, meanwhile, now provides for the queue to visually reflect the track order, while TuneIn Radio has an improved user interface functionality, including new icons and high-resolution album art.

Wired connection to the router has now been made optional for home theatre setups such as surround sound, meaning that users no longer have to connect an Ethernet cable to Sonos’ Bridge, Boost, or directly to Sonos’ Playbar.

The update also includes improvements to Google Play Music, including music recommendations based on the time of day, additional playlist support and activity-based radio stations.