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New Samsung Tablets Winners

New Samsung Tablets Winners

They come with an Octa-Core processor which is damn fast; 3GB of RAM; and enough battery life to see you through the day and the night. Charge it just before you go to sleep and in the morning it is good to go for another day’s work.

Having just been working with other Samsung gear, I can attest to the fact that they have the display nailed down. You get amazing detail deep in the shadows and it elides (good word, that, meaning to merge) from one ravishing screen to another. 

Or, to put it formally, its adaptive display intelligently adjusts gamma, saturation, and sharpness, based on the application, the colour temperature of where the user is working and ambient lighting. And, as on the Kindle, you can modify the brightness level in reading mode as needed. Neat.

Pricing starts at a tad under $500 and tops out around $750. Amazing stuff. I already have an Apple tablet. As the late John Gay wrote: “How happy could I be with either, were t’other dear charmer away.” – Gareth Powell