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Zeppelin Maker B&W Finally Get A Wireless Speaker

Zeppelin Maker B&W Finally Get A Wireless Speaker

A heavy-duty Lithium Ion rechargeable battery means you can forget about plugs and power sockets. The T7 is available now at Apple, selected David Jones stores, MOVE, and independent specialist retailers, for $499.95. 

With a small footprint (it’s the size of a hardback book), the T7 is the first commercially available application of Bowers & Wilkins Micro Matrix technology which was used in the reference 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers found in Abbey Road Studios in London. 

With this sort of HiFi pedigree, Bowers & Wilkins says the T7 maintains the “legendary quality speaker sound.”  CEO of Bowers & Wilkins distributor Convoy International, Geoff Matthews says: “Here in T7 we have another standard-setting product from Bowers & Wilkins.A sweetener is the 18 hour battery life which just adds to the convenience of this superb product.” 

The T7 uses two force-cancelling high-output bass radiators to extend low frequencies, which helps deliver the range, depth and richness of sound that audiophiles have come to expect from this brand. Plus the use of aptX Bluetooth means high-definition detail isn’t lost in wireless transmission when you stream audio directly from any Bluetooth-enabled PC, tablet or mobile phone. 

While the T7 is compact, it is a solid speaker with a rubber surround to add protection. The honeycomb structure surrounding the T7 – called the Micro Matrix – isn’t just for show. According to B&W, Micro Matrix braces the speaker, reducing cabinet resonance for a cleaner, more precise sound. 

The T7 has a high-output bass radiator which uses force-cancelling high-output bass radiators designed to provide better bass, even at high volumes, without adding resonance or rattle.  According to Bowers & Wilkins, the result is better bass from a smaller box. 
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