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Who Said Retail Was Dead? Aussies Top E-Spenders in the WORLD


Yes folks, Aussies cough up $143 per online shopping order – up almost 10 percent from a year ago. 

Compare this to our cousins in the UK – where Internet commerce is well established – who spend just $85, while Americans spend $105 per order, on average. The global average is $116 – up 20 percent on a year ago.  

Globally, the e-commerce market is up 162 percent from 2012, according to research from BigCommerce, which studied 35,000  web stores. 

But there’s also an explosion in the number of online commerce stores opening in OZ – up a whopping 200% in two years from 2010-11. 

Globally, there was a 70 percent increase in the number of new e-commerce entrants from this time a year ago. 

But there’s good news for independent online retailers, whose revenues grew 17 percent over last quarter of 2012 to Q1 ’13.

“Economists need look no further to prove that e-commerce is thriving,” says Eddie Machaalani, Bigcommerce co-CEO

“It’s incredible to see this kind of explosive growth, with new Australian e-commerce stores up 200 percent in the last two years. More people are finding entrepreneurial success online – especially when they’re armed with the right tools.”

After 10 years of growth, internet shopping finally reached “mainstream” status for the first time in Australia during the first quarter of 2013, the Roy Morgan ‘State of the Nation Report’ indicated earlier this month. 

Internet commerce has also brought out the entrepreneur in us –  more Australians than ever before are “moonlighting”, starting their own online stores while working a full-time or part-time job. 

Almost half the web store owners in Australia are working on their online businesses well into the early morning hours.

Mobile shopping is also on the up and is heading towards double growth compared to a year ago.. 

The iPad is the world’s favourite shopping tool – iPad mobile shopping sales are up 363 percent year-on-year, with $22M in sales for Q1 2013, according to the research. 

iPhone m-shopping is up 377 per cent to $13M and Android mobile sales are up 345 percent to $7M in the first quarter. 

APAC nations including Japan and China  are the fastest-growing markets in terms of new online stores popping up