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Exclusive: Microsoft’s Land Grab For OZ Apple Students

Exclusive: Microsoft

Following confirmation of the cut in price for Surface RT tablet for education offers yesterday, Microsoft will increase its tablet market share for the third quarter of 2013, Suzanne Tai, IDC analyst told Channel News. 

And it’s all part of a strategy to eat into Apple’s share of the education pie with Macs and iPads. 

“Given Australian educators’ willingness to invest in technology that can enhance the learning experience in the classroom, Microsoft is attempting to curb Apple’s dominance in the education sector using a pricing strategy,” says Tai.

“As Microsoft’s financial year begins in July, it has a renewed budget and the bandwidth to run this promotion to attract large deals from the education sector.”

However, IDC research indicates that Windows RT OS – a variant of the new touch-based Windows 8   has registered slow uptake in the Australian market.  
But analysts are predicting big things for Windows 8, which is set to grow by 200 percent this year alone, although from a small base.