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Sharp “Reviewing” $13,000 4K TV Pricetag

Sharp "Reviewing" $13,000 4K TV Pricetag 
Its far pricier than rivals, so why is Sharp charging $13,000 for their 70″ 4K TV, when a 65″ Pana, Samsung or LG is half the price? 

This week, Sharp announced its 70″ Ultra High Def (UHD) TV or ‘4K’ as it is known, will have a A$12,999 RRP when released early December, down under. 
The same Sharp 70″ Aquos TV has a RRP of $7499 in the US. 
Its biggest selling point is it’s the first UHD TV to be THX approved, and has Real Ultra High Definition (3840 x 2160) resolution, and upscaler. 
However, a Sharp Australia spokesperson told CN that it is “closely monitoring the market, and the price will be reviewed prior to release”. The product has not actually been released for sale yet, the rep noted.  
Considering the major difference between US and AU pricing, the TV giant would want to change it, sharpish.