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You Can’t Please Everyone: IT Initiatives Draw Mixed Reax

Budget reaction from the IT and communication sector was generally positive, particularly the initiatives aimed at small business.

But independent industry commentator Paul Budde, said it has been the coronavirus pandemic more than the government that has changed Canberra’s priorities in relation to the digital economy.

“I think Covid has done more to the digital economy with telehealth, working and education from home having taken a leap forward,” Budde following the launch.

“Having said this, it is great to see that these new investments are going to provide enormous support for the changes that have been set in motion by Covid,” Budde added.

“These government policies will also further support investments from the private sector in the digital economy.”

IDC analyst John Feng was more circumspect.

“For the Australian digital economy engine to start humming, there is still much more for the Government to do to lead the country in its digital journey,” Feng said.

Optus has applauded the budget focus on digital investment in small business.

“The Government needs to invest as a nation in business owners by offering them access to ongoing training and education, said Optus Business MD, Libby Roy.

“It is these initiatives that are encouraging optimism in business owners, with many believing their business will perform better in the coming financial year,” she said.

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