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JB Hi-Fi To Get Monster Fit-Out

The San-Francisco based headphone giant, is rolling out a massive new merchandising program within JB Hi-Fi in the next couple of weeks. 

The Monster branded music and interactive visual content display in JB Hi-Fi store, will allow audiophiles listen to music from the likes of Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatsz, and A$AP Rocky.
Music fans will also be able to watch Monster videos with artists, fashion icons wearing the gear. 
Every Monster headphone – from iSport, DNA, Inspiration – will have  different video content – featuring Monster artists and kids using headphones in the street. 
Music will be driven by an SD music player but consumers will also be able to listen to their tunes from their iPod, music player. 
The Monster fit out won’t going to be in all JB Hi-Fi stores, however, but to all large format stores in the lead up to Christmas.  

Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz & A$AP Rock are among the artists on Monster’s DNA headphones and model, actor Tyson Beckford is linked with Monster’s Inspiration line. Monster have just launched the  new collaboration with A$AP Rocky in the US.     
“Content is key” Deena Ghazarian, Monster Vice President of Global Sales and Strategy, told CN in  an interview. “Music is an emotional thing, it doesn’t matter what language you speak.” 
“Its a partnership with JB Hi-Fi only, as they are market leaders”, says the US based Monster exec.
“I’ve never experienced a retailer like JB Hi-Fi for its youthful, hip environment. It seems to be the place to buy headphones in Oz”. 

They’re doing an “excellent job in laying out their experience”.  

Rivals Dick Smith recently rolled out an innovative headphone display within its newly revamped stores.