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Listen Up, Pandora: iTunes Radio Turns On OZ

Listen Up, Pandora: iTunes Radio Turns On OZ

iTunes Radio, Apple’s free Internet radio featuring over 100 stations and an “incredible” catalogue of music from iTunes Store, is now available in Australia. 

Apple joins services like Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, JB Hi-Fi Music Now and Telstra’s MOG, all looking for a piece of the Internet music consumer. 

iTunes Radio offers stations inspired by music you already listen to, stations curated by Apple and genre-stations like Hip Hop Radio, Unwind, iTunes weekly top 20 for pop lovers, as well as artist stations like Lorde Radio and Goyte Radio.

There’s also a playlist of trending songs on Twitter. 

So basically, it’s personalised radio playlists based on the music you like and have already bought from iTunes. You can also skip tracks on playlists. If you own Adele albums then you’ll get suggestions to tune into Adele Radio, and so on. 

iOS users can also purchase the tracks to keep via iTunes. 

Australia is the second nation to get iTunes Radio outside the US, and is tipped to hit NZ this year also.  

However, users will have to fork out $34.99 a year if you don’t want annoying ads disrupting your tunes, unless you’re already subscribed to iTunes Match

Apple’s radio service also has exclusive “First Play” premieres from artists and live streams direct from the iTunes Festival in London and other iTunes Sessions.

Rivals Pandora and Spotify have ramped up its streaming services, of late. Pandora recently launched ad-free personalised stations on its iOS and Android app, while Spotify is now offering free streaming on mobile and tablet. 

However, a Spotify spokesperson told Smarthouse, “we
don’t though view iTunes Radio as a direct competitor, it’s more a
competitor to other radio services of its kind.”