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Quadral Re-enter Aussie AV Race

Quadral Re-enter Aussie AV RaceAfter being absent for a period of almost 15 years, Quadral is back in Australia, unveiling Crestmore as its exclusive distributor here.  

For circa 40 years Quadral has been known as one of the most reliable speaker brands in Germany, producing high quality loudspeakers, Hi Fi surround and subwoofer speaker systems. 
It has a massive range of speakers of all sizes, designs and finishes – including Ascent Classic, Quintas and the extremely impressive Chronium Style. 

With first-class workmanship, high quality materials and of course decades of experience in developing and producing loudspeakers, Quadral commands an excellent reputation in not only Germany but throughout the world. 

Crestmore has an energetic performance product oriented sales team, partnered to maximize the potential of Quadral products in their market, says Quadral Export Director Volker Schwerdtfeger 
“Thanks to their experience, reliability and trustful positioning, quadral believes in a very positive mutual success with this new partnership.”