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PCs Ain’t Dead

PCs AinSmartphones and tablets may be on the rise but according to Steve Toff, Director of Mobile at Dick Smith, the notebook is “far from dead”. 

“Consumers today want three devices – tablet, smartphone and a notebook,” he told CN today.  
Next year as more and more notebooks move to touchscreen, consumers will want to upgrade their current devices, he said. 
But it’s not just in OZ that PC users still cling to their beloved notebook. 
Global analysts Ovum today confirmed most Cyber Monday shopping will take place using a laptop or PC. 
In a survey of more than 15,000 consumers globally, almost 70% prefer to use a PC or laptop when shopping online.
According to Ovum’s survey, security and data privacy concerns continue to be the main stumbling blocks for PC users embracing m-commerce, including m-payments, m-banking and m-shopping. 
Only 1 in 5 use their smartphone and just (14%) use a tablet, despite the usage of both rocketing in the past 24 months the reluctance to use a mobile device stems from perceptions that services are not secure (49% of respondents) or that personal data might be misused (47%).  
“The implications of these findings are profound for the growing mobile commerce ecosystem, as when it comes to digital commerce, consumers clearly still feel more comfortable with their PC and laptop,” says Angel Dobardziev, principal analyst at Ovum. 
“This shows that operator strategies that factor in rapid adoption of mobile commerce services need a reality check. Furthermore, the industry must design services that build on users’ comfort with e-commerce over the PC and extend it to the m-commerce domain.” 
The survey reveals that 50 percent of respondents have no interest in trying mobile payments in the next 12 months, and fewer than 2 in 10 respondents make m-commerce transactions on a regular basis.