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Check Yourself Out Working Out With A Smart Fitness Mirror

Developed as a way to improve workouts and deliver fitness feedback to the increasing number of people exercising at home, smart fitness mirrors may be the next innovation in personal fitness.

Smart fitness mirrors allow users to connect with an online trainer who appears in the mirror/screen and guides them through a workout. Meanwhile, the user is able to watch themselves and correct things like form and intensity. Advanced models go as far to include cameras, allowing the fitness trainer to provide feedback.

Smart fitness mirrors offer both one-to-one classes as well as group classes, covering various workouts. Lower end mirrors generally only have one way audio and video, and make use of pre-recorded classes.

Credit: Yanko Design

Currently, brands with smart fitness mirrors on the market are Vaha, Tonal, Mirror, Nordic Track, Portl and ProForm.

Vice president of public relations at iFit, who are the US-owner of Nordic Track and ProForm says that the mirror functionality allows users to “adjust their form [or position], so they get the optimum benefits of the strength exercise and minimize errors in form that could lead to injuries”.

There are concerns however that working out with your reflection could be detrimental for mental health.

Sport and Fitness psychologist at Loughborough University ,Dr. Anthony Papathomas says “My concern would be how do people with body image insecurities feel about this? It may be a problem for those new to exercise and looking to make a lifestyle change,”

“Even for regular exercisers, we know there are many who experience body dysmorphia or eating disorders, and for them, seeing a reflection throughout their exercise might be troubling.”

Mirrors generally cost around A$1,762, and then require a subscription fee on top for the classes and services.

Smart Fitness Mirrors such as the ProForm VUE PF21 are available at Rebel Sport, while other models can be found online.

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