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Woolworths Team With Telstra For AI Push

Telstra and Woolworths have teamed up on a new joint venture, aimed at combining the telco’s vast data sets with AI capabilities, while attracting the world’s brightest tech minds in the process.

Home-growth data and analytics group Quantium, which is 75 per cent owned by Woolworths, will work to develop products and services for Telstra’s enterprise customers.

The JV will offer tech solutions across many industry, initially focusing on logistics, agriculture, and mining, with a plan to move into improving Telstra’s customer service offering, as part of the company’s T25 roadmap.

Telstra chief executive Andy Penn says: “We will effectively identify the problems and the projects that we can work jointly on, and then we’ll apply our respective resources to go solve them.

“This is about accelerating what we’re already doing, but accelerating it by partnering with these guys, who are absolutely world-leading in the work that they’re doing.

“There is an absolute war for talent, and [data science] in particular. But the single biggest defining difference is the data science problems that those people get to come and work on and to solve.”


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