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ComBank ATMS To Go Cardless

ComBank ATMS To Go Cardless

Instead, customers will be able to use Android or Apple smartphones to authorise the transaction.

The customers will need to install a new CBA app on their mobiles to select the amount they want and the account from which it is come.

Two unique numbers will be issued: an eight-digit cash code and a four-digit PIN.

At the ATM, customers will be bale to select a “withdraw cardless cash” option, enter both codes – and the cash will hopefully be dispensed, along with a receipt.

More than 3000 ATMs will be progressively equipped with the Cardless Cash feature, the CBA says

Customers will be limited to one cardless transaction a day, with a limit of $200.

Other people will be able to withdraw cash on the customer’s behalf – but the customer must first enter their name in the app, along with a phone number for confirmation.