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Will JB Hi Fi Be Selling Apple Bed Covers Next Year?

Will JB Hi Fi be selling bed covers next year after it was revealed that Apple of all Companies is developing and intelligent bed sheet complete with overhead camera.

The “smart” bed cover watches over your vitals while you sleep claims Apple, tracking heart rate, breathing and body temperature at this stage it’s not known how it makes an emergency call or separates sex from a medical problem.

Filed on May 22 and published November 22, the application for a “multi-element piezo sensor for in-bed physiological measurements” aims to go further by keeping track of the user’s movements throughout a sleep cycle. While other sensors could be used to monitor other elements, the core of the idea is the use of a piezo film on the bed’s surface, which can be used to measure the person’s contact points with the bed and, using multiple film layers, pressure exerted.

Two versions of the idea are offered, with the first mimicking whats called the Beddit sensor, in being a thin strip that crosses the bed roughly where the chest of the user is positioned.


Dubbed the iSheet, the gadget weaves around a blanket, sheet or duvet to monitor sleep patterns in order to help people get better rest, according to The Times of London.

An illustration of the iSheet design shows 54 “piezo” sensors on a bed, which could be woven into the bedding fabric.

The multi-sensor system connects to a wireless touch-screen control panel and shows users their vital signs on a display board, according to a patent filed by the tech firm.

Users can track how much they toss and turn at night and analyse their sleep cycles with an overhead camera and 54 body-tracking sensors.

The high-tech blanket also helps people with health problems by automatically calling an ambulance when it senses an emergency.

Developers swear they won’t collect or share personal information without permission, they is no mention of people hacking into the overhead camera.

But the dozing data could potentially be used by doctors to help understand sleep problems.

It’s easier than using “expensive and bulky [medical] equipment,” the patent notes.

“Traditionally, monitoring a user’s sleep and/or measuring vital signs required expensive and bulky equipment,” the patent notes.

“Some systems require that the monitoring be performed in a medical facility or required the equipment to attach to or directly contact the person, which can lead to discomfort and inaccurate analysis due to disruption of the user’s sleep,” it states — noting Apple’s tool is much less invasive.

Apple has already filed another patent that could trigger an ambulance call. This one notes the bedding would include “accelerometers” to track vital signs by converting movements into electrical signals, according to the paper.

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