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What The Media Said And Didn’t Say, About The New Samsung Galaxy S23

Has the launch of a new smartphone by Samsung suddenly become per se for major media Companies around the world? Or did leak after leak prior turn their ‘Unpacked’ event in San Francisco overnight into yesterday’s news, despite an orchestrated effort by Samsung PR before the event using legal NDA (non-disclosure agreement) documents to control when information could be released suddenly work against them?

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At 4Square Media, we were put under an NDA two weeks ago, but we only got an embargoed press release at 6.00pm last night, an hour after staff had gone home.

Samsung’s new PR agency OPR blamed Samsung HQ for the company’s failure to supply official information for publication in a timely manner.

We were given a one-hour look at the product a week ago, of which 35 minutes was taken up with Samsung presentations.

No official handouts were given to media organisations at this event.

Around the world, and even in Australia, media Companies such as the Australian Financial Review online, who normally post overnight news for an early morning read, have failed to cover the release of the new S23 Galaxy model range.

The world’s most popular online News site The Daily Mail also has no coverage this morning of the overnight Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco.

Bloomberg has described the new offering as an Upgrade of cameras and batteries, with Samsung’s Ultra model getting new video and a new Qualcomm chip.

The Verge described the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra as a minor update to a spec monster.

A search of The New York Times also failed to identify any stories on the new Samsung Galaxy S23.

It was the same at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, with a search for coverage failing to bring up any mention of the new Samsung offering.

GizmoChina says the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23 Plus arrived with a new design. However, the specs are somewhat the same as the last generation phones (Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus).

While the South China Post in Hong Kong, who have heralded the launch of previous new Samsung premium smartphones as soon as they are launched, has also failed to deliver any coverage, despite publications around the world being put under an NDA.

Both models are almost identical to each other, with a few differences like screen and battery capacity.

The Wall Street Journal claims Samsung has largely settled into a consistent design and feel for its main line of smartphones, saving its folding-screen technologies for its Galaxy Z models.

The new Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 200-megapixel camera, and all three models in the line-up have faster processors.

The UK’s Evening Standard wrote, “Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 range of premium smartphones are now available to pre-order – but they’ll cost you.”

The three phones are among the first to include a new mobile chip built by Qualcomm: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. A raft of rival Android handsets that also carry the powerful new processor is waiting in the wings, however. While the range-topping Galaxy S23 Ultra packs a whopping 200-megapixel main camera for the photography crowd.

Samsung says the upgrades will result in the fastest-ever performance speeds for Galaxy phones, more realistic gaming graphics, and enhanced night-time and low-light photography. All that eye-catching new tech inevitably comes at a price, however.

The Guardian’s online site claimed Leo Gebbie, a principal analyst at CCS Insight, said consumers would welcome Samsung’s focus on the sustainability and durability of its devices. “Our research consistently shows that people want their smartphones to last for longer, and believe that this is the most significant thing that tech companies can do to reduce their environmental impact,”.

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