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Western Digital Deliver Milestone Capacity

Western Digital continue their mission to unlock the potential of data possibility, bringing milestone capacity to everyday consumers as data creation continues to soar.

To help consumers sustain their ever-growing digital world, Western Digital are expanding its respected My Book desktop storage lineup.

Built on their legacy of tech innovation, they have released their highest capacity consumer drive with the 22TB My Book desktop hard drive, the beauty of which is in allowing consumers to store more of what they love.

“Consumers continue generating data at a rapid pace,” says John Rydning, research vice president Global DataSphere at global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

Rydning adds that, “In 2022 alone, the average household worldwide generated more than 20TB of data, and we expect this to continue to rise as people continue to consume and create more data.

“While many people rely on the cloud, we know consumers are looking for local storage at their fingertips to help them preserve and readily control their growing amount of personal and business data.”

The average household in the US has more than 10 connected devices, so new high-capacity solutions now give people the space needed to help backup their personal devices, and potentially those of the household’s as well, whether it be photos and videos, or important work files and apps.

Western Digital seek to offer people solutions that maintain their evolving data storage needs.

As Susan Park, vice president of product management at Western Digital says, “With multiple devices used in our everyday life, we have the ability to instantly create, consume and generate massive amounts of content.

“Our goal is to help people easily and reliably store it all.”

As such, the 22TB My Book offers users the ability to backup and preserve thousands of documents, photos, videos, and other files from a variety of storage devices, such as portable SSDs and HDDs, USB flash drives and memory cards, consolidating them all into one organised location that’s easy to access.

Plus, if you’re after more robust storage capabilities, the My Book duo is now available in 44TB, equipped with RAID-optimised Western Digital drives ready to perform at maximum speed and capacity right out of the box.

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