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Wesfarmers Welcome eBay To Flybuys Rewards Program


Wesfarmers has today inked a deal with eBay Australia, which will enable consumers to receive Flybuys points for purchases on the e-commerce platform. The deal is tipped to provide eBay a leg up over Amazon Australia.

The agreement marks a major partnership between the two retail giants – Flybuys claims 60% of Australian households are members of its loyalty program, whilst eBay boasts 11 million active customers per month.

eBay Chief Marketing Officer, Julie Nestor, affirms the partnership will allow eBay to remain Australia’s leading retail online marketplace.

The agreement represents eBay Australia’s first loyalty program, with over 40,000 online retailers reportedly participating, including 80 of Australia’s top 100 sellers.

The deal represents a major win for Wesfarmers, in what is the largest expansion of its Flybuys program since adding Velocity frequent flyer points a few years prior.

Wesfarmers is set to retain ownership of Flybuys following the Coles demerger, and consensus is the new partnership will further strengthen the conglomerate.

Consumers receive one Flybuys point for every $2 spent, however, excludes purchases from Woolworths, Dan Murphys, Big W, Cellarmasters and WineMarket.

To join up, customers simply have to link both their Flybuys and eBay accounts, and can do so here.

As an added sweetener, eBay is offering customers the chance to earn ten times the normal rate on their first transaction.

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