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HDMI Cable A Brig Earner

HDMI Cable A Brig Earner

Demand for high quality cables is booming. In the first three months of 2008 the biggest seller was the HDMI cable according to GFK research.

The dominance of the HDMI cable is furthered by high averageselling prices – during March, the average price of an HDMI cable sold was nearly $83 according to GfK figures. This is about three times higher than the average price for the older SCART lead.

 Increasingly popular are HDMI or SCART switching devices. These allow a number of devices to be connected to a single input on the television, and to be switched depending on which device is being used at the time.

For those who have a DVD, Video Games Console, Audio System, Video Recorder, Set Top Box or similar, yet only one or two inputs on the TV, these devices are likely to prove useful. Also, for those wanting to use an HDMI input with a SCART device, adaptors are popular – these allow differing connection formats to be used with newer televisions.

Given the number of Flat Panel TV’s now in use and the increasing awareness of their High Definition capabilities, it is likely that sales growth in this market are assured. Also, given the high average prices of the HDMI sector and the likely high margin return on these kinds of products, it is sure to be a segment gaining ever greater interest from retailers.