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Yes, Optus + Voda Data Sharing “On The Radar”

Yes, Optus + Voda Data Sharing “On The Radar”
Yes, Optus + Voda Data Sharing "On The Radar"

Optus spokesperson admits Internet data sharing across multiple devices is “on the radar in the future”, a spokesperson told CN.

However, for now, Optus says its focused on eradicating bill shock – that nasty ailment suffered by telco customers in OZ – where they get a whopper mobile bill they didn’t even realise they had amassed.

Optus newly launched My Plan, which adds on 1GB of data for $10 onto current allowances and “is a fair way of charging for data”, the spokesperson added.

However, all telcos agree data costs are on the rise. “Telco’s need to monietise data, when data became popular, telco’s were giving it away”, the Optus rep told CN.  

Now with 3G+, 4G and the massive investments in network upgrades, “customers need to pay for it”.  

Vodafone, too, are “absolutely” planning to go down the data sharing route, a rep told CN.

Although no specific date has been announced, it is coming “in the near future”.

Like Optus, Vodafone says it is focusing its efforts on other areas of bill shock – international roaming – extended its $5 a day charge to Europe yesterday, in addition to UK, US.

The red telco is also looking to expand this $5 roaming deal to Asia.

 “It is our unique selling point, as we can use Vodafone networks globally”.

Telstra data sharing plans were announced yesterday – but at a closer look, it seems users would have to go pretty light on data consumption to make use of cheapest plan which is $70, with just 1GB data to share between a smartphone and a tablet for a whole month.

 (This relatively light Internet user has used the full 1.5GB allowance in just the first two weeks of a smartphone plan, now forced to endure an Internet famine for another two whole weeks. O dear.)

“Telstra could have done better” one industry source told CN, “the fees look costly”.

Lets hope Voda and Co can do better.