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Twitter Introduces Fleet Ads, Paid Weather Service, In Effort To Monetise

Twitter is continuing to test different ways to monetise its platform, now piloting a new advertising system in its Instagram Stories-style ‘Fleet’ feature.

“Fleet ads are full-screen billboards for advertisers,” the company explains in a blog post. “Appearing in between Fleets from people who are sharing pictures from the dog park in Fort Funston or video of their morning coffee stroll in Williamsburg, Fleet ads are all about connecting your message with the everyday.

“Fleet ads are a space for brands to be creative: go behind the scenes, have a creator take over your account, or share a hot take.”

Fleet ads will launch in America only, with just ten advertisers.

Twitter is also launching a subscription weather service, Tomorrow, which has rolled out in 15 American cities, plus the Dominican Republic.

Although a free service, there is also a US$10 a month tier that will allow you to ask local meteorologists an unlimited number of questions with a guaranteed reply, a weekly newsletter, and early access to podcasts and longform features.

It seems like a fairly specific thing for Twitter to launch, but the service is known for being vital when it comes to breaking emergency weather reports.

Climate journalist Eric Holthaus and 18 local meteorologists are currently manning the service.


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