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Twitter: African Dictator Mirrors Harvey Norman As Kevin Rudd Takes A Swipe

Twitter: African Dictator Mirrors Harvey Norman As Kevin Rudd Takes A Swipe

It appears that Harvey Norman has a like minded thinker, in the form of a questionable African Government, who like the big retailer cut off Twitter access when tough questions were being asked of their Ministers.

Last week Harvey Norman disconnected their Twitter account when an uproar broke out over their pocketing of millions in JobKeeper payments, and the fallout over salaries and staff when directors were being handed millions in salaries and bonuses.

This week the Nigerian Government took a leaf out of Harvey Normans ban Twitter book with residents of the African Country unable to access Twitter after the government enforced an indefinite suspension of the social media platform’s operations in the country.

Twitter said it is concerned by the action, saying free and open internet is an essential human right. This is the same organisation that banned Donald Trump over free speech.

The Association of Licensed Telecommunication Operators of Nigeria said that its members have suspended access to Twitter in compliance with a government directive to do so.

Harvey Norman is now directing twitter users to their customer service line. At this stage it’s not known whether call centre staff are coping abuse from calls.

Locally the Harvey Norman ban has not stopped people complaining about the mass retailer who we recently revealed was expanding their Optus relationship in an effort to take on JB Hi Fi. Also attracting views is the Chaser Video when a spruiker turned up at one of their stores.

Questions have also been raised by the trade union movement in Australia the ACTU as to why News Corporation media failed to cover the story about Harvey Norman pocketing millions from JobKeeper.

Even former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had a crack at Harvey Norman and News Corps lack of objective reporting.

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