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Touchless Post COVID-19 Coffee Machines Coming According To Nestle

Nestle is set to release a touchless coffee machine post COVID.

Designed for offices the new machine will come with new coffee flavours.

According to Bloomberg, Coffee was one of the motors of Nestle’s sales growth last year and makes up the bulk of the company’s $24 billion beverage business.

After a lukewarm introduction of Nespresso in the late 2000s, Nestle has made some bolder steps to boost its U.S. coffee business with several brands offering pod coffee machines in Australia.

Users can now use an app to place an order with the touchless machine.

Nestle splurged $7.15 billion on a partnership with Starbucks in 2018, and now Nestle makes the coffee chain’s products for at-home use worldwide.

According to industry executives there was a boon during the pandemic, when consumers were more likely to use capsules in a Nespresso machine than take a walk to a cafe, they are now desperately hoping that this demand will continue despite Australians still loving their freshly made morning cappuccino.

David Rennie, head of Nestle’s coffee brands said that Nestle is now eyeing opportunities to expand in offices while trying to keep stoking at-home demand with new capsules and types of soluble coffee.

Contactless coffee machines are being rolled out globally including Australia where coffee is popular.

The U.S. overtook France as Nespresso’s biggest market last year, and Rennie considers there’s still room for growth there as capsules and soluble coffee become increasingly popular. Cold and flavoured coffee will be a focus there in 2021, with iced tropical coconut coffee and other flavours being introduced.

The company sees the global coffee market growing 4% to 5% by value in the next few years as people gradually return to office and to their old coffee drinking habits, Rennie said. That means green coffee needs could expand 2% by volume. Nestle’s own coffee sales rose 5% last year, adjusted for acquisitions and currency shifts.

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