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D-Link Rolls Out New Enterprise W6 Access Point

D-Link has launched a new Wi-Fi 6 access point for businesses, which could be a good fit for retailers looking to expand in-store connectivity.

The new DWL-X8630AP Unified Wireless AX3600 Wi-Fi 6 4×4 Dual Band PoE Access Point brings all the features of 802.11ax to the 2.4GHz band as well as the 5GHz band, and includes a number of features designed to handle the requirements of enterprise users and deliver fast speeds even during peak periods, the manufacturer says.

“Turbocharged speeds, with more than 3.6Gbps of bandwidth across the 4×4 internal radio arrays, and centralised management make the DWL-X8630AP the ultimate boost for productivity, with Wi-Fi 6 hailing the end of slow business with its next-generation performance and efficiency,” said D-Link.

Among its features, the access point offers band steering to automatically route capable devices like smartphones and tablets onto the 5GHz band; MU-MIMO, allowing it to support more simultaneous data streams; load balancing to share connections out to available access points and reduce stress on individual points; beamforming to optimise signals and follow moving devices; and fast roaming, allowing devices in motion to automatically switch to access points with stronger signals.

The DWL-X8630AP is available for $1129.95 AUD from dlink.com.au and authorised resellers.

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