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Tight Job Market Sees Apple Raise Retail Worker Pay

Apple salespeople and technicians will see new sick time and holiday perks, with retail pay also bumped up in light of the tight job market, inflation trouble and staff complaints about work conditions during the pandemic.

The raises for salespeople – set to go into effect this month – range from two to 10 per cent, depending on store location and role, but don’t apply to all workers.

These increases are separate to Apple’s regular annual raises, generally put forward in October, and seem part of an ongoing effort to appease retail staff through this troubled pandemic period.

Part-time workers will reportedly be offered paid holiday leave for the first time from April, as well as more sick days and child-care and elder-care benefits.

This is all while businesses everywhere are having trouble finding workers while trying to rebound as the pandemic eases.

Spiraling US inflation has added to the situation, with the government consumer price index rising 7.5 per cent in January, the fastest annual pace since 1982.

Apple are becoming aware of retail employee complaints the US$200 billion giant have been slow with compensation during the financial turmoil.

Apple also handed out one-time bonuses of US$1000 in September to store employees onboard before March 31, 2021. Workers hired after then received US$500.

As for corporate employees, worried about key engineers moving over to Meta and other rivals, Apple paid out as much as US$180,000 in stock-based bonuses.

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