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Thredbo, 2020 Ski Bookings A Disaster, Lodge Owners Seething

Ski lodge owners in Thredbo are seething over the handling of ticket allocation for the 2020 ski season with several claiming that the “goodwill” between lodge owners and the operators of the mountain no longer exists after tens of thousands of their customers many who have already paid for lodger accommodation have been shut out of their online site when they have tried to buy tickets for the 2020 season.

These customers are now looking at cancelling their accommodation bookings creating hardship for lodge owners.

One leading lodge owner said “The COVID-19 goodwill between lodge owners and the mountain operators is out of the door. They are incompetent at the best of times and their latest debacle is not surprising”.

One local Jindabyne resident was so angry that he drove the 32 kilometres to Thredbo to confront Luke Beaumont, Guest Services & RTP Operations Manager at Thredbo.

He was told that the resort had had over 5,000 complaint emails.


Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited, formerly Amalgamated HoldingsĀ  the company that owns Thredbo and the resort operator, Kosciuszko Thredbo appear to have major technical problems with Thredbo Card owners unable to log in using either their Unique Thredbo card ID or their user name and password to book tickets online that have been jacked up to $158 a day.

This is the same Company that owns Event Cinema’s and Rydges Hotels.

The Company chose to use a Danish Company to deliver the engine for booking despite Denmark having no ski fields.

Queue-it is a private Danish company founded in 2010.

Their claim to fame is that they have developed systems to cope with website traffic congestion by directing visitors to a queue where they can wait until access can be facilitated.

In the case of the Thredbo web site visitors are not able to log in and after 10 minutes are logged out.

The company has achieved success by managing ticket sales bottlenecks for large, popular events.

Prompts to get a new password log in are not being delivered to inboxes, despite several attempts by long time Thredbo skiers.

Users are then prompted to call the Thredbo customer service line which many claims are constantly engaged.

Their customer service operators are also failing to respond to customers emails according to people that ChannelNews has spoken to.

Social media is awash with hundreds of complaints and the media office at Thredbo has not returned our calls.

When ChannelNews tried to log in we were told that there was 35,506 people ahead of us, when our turn came up, we could not log in with a username and password, or a Thredbo card.

What appears to be happening is that the Danish Company has moved everything offline from the Thredbo site to the extent that requests for new passwords or account information cannot be sent out to members.

Thredbo Media have given us no answers and the Danish Company has also failed to respond.

Thredbo management claim all ski tickets for the 2020 season must be booked in advance.

One lodge owner said, “This is one giant cluster F#%#k and Thredbo managements hands are all over this”.

“If I can’t ski in NSW I will either pin my hopes on New Zealand or do a trip elsewhere in Australia,” one customer told the Sydney Morning Herald.

On Thursday evening Thredbo issued a statement saying the resort is “excited to welcome everyone back”.

“Thredbo Resort has been overwhelmed by demand for the first release of 2020 lift passes today and we are thrilled that guests are eager to return to the mountain,” a spokesperson said.

Then when the problems started to mount up management appeared to duck for cover.

Ironically as I waited for a response from Thredbo two emails dropped into my inbox, one inviting me to ski in Nisiko Japan and the other in New Zealand.

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