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Telstra Wages War Against Cute, Destructive Mice

Australian regional mouse plague has been destroying Telstra’ s network systems, and the area GM for NSW and ACT has had enough.

Michael Marom explains how mice naturally need to gnaw hard surfaces to file down their teeth, and Telstra happens to have provided the perfect tool.

“Unfortunately for us, copper and fibre cabling provide perfect chewing targets to keep this urge satisfied,” he said. “It also doesn’t help that they have babies every 30 days and like to chew through timber and paper in buildings to make nests for breeding.”

Not only this, but they are providing warm winter housing.

“Our transmission and internet equipment make a perfect warm environment for these mice to live in, with up to 50 mice happily living in a space as big as your bedroom closet.”

Telstra technicians have attempted to close these gaps with silicone filler.

“Once the place is all sealed up, we set eco-friendly bait and traps throughout the building, leave the mice inside and come back to see if we have had success,” Marom said.

“These little guys go to the bathroom anywhere they want, and there are a lot of them, so working to close out the gaps is a job that comes with a bit of dry heaving for the team working on it.”